Game Rules

In accordance with our general terms and conditions, the following rules apply to all players.

1 Appropriate Behaviour

Be nice to each other! Communication is very important for a browsergame, but in this case the player must always maintain a friendly attitude. Who is friendly to others, is treated also friendly.

Texts, no matter what form (post in the forum, private message, chat message, game name, profile text, status message etc.), which contain insults, swear words, threats or extortions are expressly forbidden. Administrators and moderators have the right to play against the causative player. Legal consequences are also possible.

Texts of any form whatsoever directed against racial / ethnic origin, sex, age, political attitude, religion or philosophical conviction, health or sexuality of a person or in any other way violating the law are prohibited and may cause prosecution for the perpetrator.

It is prohibited to produce spam. Spam refers to texts whose content is advertising or whose content can be described as meaningless. This also includes pointlessly arranged letters, "empty" content (consisting of blanks), unnecessarily many smilies or frequently occurring links or Internet addresses. It is at the discretion of administrators and moderators whether a text can be called spam. Depending on the discretion, internal measures may be taken.

2 Multiaccounts

Each player may only have one account. If there is only a suspicion that a player is doing "multiaccounting", ie the use of several accounts by a single person, the administrator can block the affected account and also delete it.

The Funfair Tycoon system filters out user accounts accessed from the same IP address.

If several players have the same IP address (families, WGs, public computers, etc.) to play the game, it is not to be considered as multiaccounting. To be safe from action, the players involved can provide proof that there is no multiaccount. This proof must be sent via the regular support channels.

3 Accountsharing

Accountsharing refers to the playing of an account by several players. Accountsharing is prohibited in Funfair Tycoon.

4 Exploiting of Bugs

Bugs are errors and unintentional gaps / weaknesses in the program code of Funfair Tycoon. The exploitation of bugs in order to procure game advantages or access to unauthorized areas is forbidden and can have consequences within the game as well as legal prosecution.

The player is obliged to report discovered bugs to the support.

5 Adblocker

Free access to Funfair Tycoon can only be achieved by advertising revenues. Therefore, it is forbidden to use ad-blocking programs.

6 Transfer of an account

The transfer of an account to another player or a third party is generally prohibited. In exceptional cases this is to be discussed with the administrator.

Passing the password of an account is always forbidden.

7 Inactivity

If a user has not logged into the game for longer than a week, he is considered inactive. After a total of 4 weeks without login the account can be deleted. In this case, all saved game states are also deleted, it is not possible to restore them.

8 Language

The player may only set texts in the language that he has set in the game or the forum. This applies to any form of text. Administrators and moderators may modify or delete texts written in another language.

9 Scope and regulatory breaches

The rules of Funfair Tycoon apply to all players according to the terms and conditions.

Even attempted rule violations can be punished.

A player / account can also be punished if he commits, admits or even announces rule breaches at other websites related to Funfair Tycoon but may not be from the same provider.

Penalties are always decided at the discretion of the administration or moderation.

The player has no claim to the lifting of bans or other measures.

A banned player is not allowed to register a new account.

10 Contradictions

If the contents of the Game Rules and the GTC contradict, the terms and conditions shall apply.

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