The Funfair Browsergame

  • Become a showman
  • Travel with your attraction
  • Continue to expand
  • ... and become a tycoon!

Behind the scenes of the amusement industry

In Funfair Tycoon, you are a showman and thus the manager of your own business. After founding your company, you are responsible for your attraction, employees, fleet and much more!

Travel from fairground to fairground through all of Europe and expand your business. Everything is possible - from the small food truck to the largest transportable roller coaster of the world!

Funfair Tycoon is a free to play economic simulation in your browser.

On the journey to success

Establish your own company

Choose the location of your headquarters from hundreds of cities and start your career as a showman!

Buy your first attraction

Whether it's a food truck, typical carnival games or a confectionery stall: With your first attraction you will lay the foundation of your future company.

Prepare for travelling

In order to travel, you will hire employees which can build up and dismantle your attraction. You will provide them with a caravan as accommodation. To move from one city to another, you will also invest in your fleet.

The first event

Apply for fairs which are based on real dates! Bear up against your competitors and secure a commitment from the event organizer. Let your employees build up your attraction and whip it into shape for the big day.

Keep operating your attraction

Coordinate your employees so your attraction is always ready for customers during opening hours! Create shift plans, ensure sufficient breaks and motivate your employees for the best possible result.

Plan your tour

Revenues are coming in, but you should always plan in advance! Continue applying for events and make your tour plan as economical as possible!


Replace your attraction with a better one or buy other attractions that you can operate in parallel. Improve your fleet and train your employees! Be always one step ahead to compete on the market.

Keep a cool head

Bad weather, less revenue, technical defects and failures are scenarios that a showman has to deal with every day. Respond quickly to external influences that can endanger your revenue or your reputation!

Higher, faster, further

Take the chance to operate a lot of fantastic rides and bring the most joy and excitement to your guests! Can you make a profit even under difficult conditions? Find out!


Funfair Tycoon is the successor of the game Kirmes Tycoon and currently under development.

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