Funfair Tycoon will be released in 4 steps:

Alpha Version

The Alpha version is an early test phase where only team members and a few selected people try the game. It is very likely that serious errors may occur. So we need the help of the testers to find them. The game accounts may be reset several times. Depending on the result of the test run, we then plan the next steps to the Closed Beta.

Closed Beta

The closed beta is another test run, but this time with significantly more testers. Here, some of Kirmes Tycoon's players will also be involved, provided they have qualified themselves. In this phase, we also test the performance (load tests) and the communication paths in the game. At this time there will probably also be more features for which we hope to receive extensive feedback. In some cases, even bigger errors can occur, which will be fixed gradually. Once the game is ready for more players, we may switch to the open beta after a short break.

Open Beta

In this phase everyone can register and play Funfair Tycoon! Players from the previous closed beta may have to expect their account to be reset. With the Open Beta the game is in a largely stable phase. We are mainly busy with bugfixing, support and possibly developing new features.


Once we are convinced that Funfair Tycoon meets our quality requirements and runs smoothly without problems, we switch to live operation. Bugs should then only be an exception. Our team is operating well at this time and can answer support questions quickly. The further development of the game and the annual planning is on. We take the feedback of our community to make Funfair Tycoon even better and hope for many years of fun for you!

We keep you posted on the Funfair Tycoon Forum.

Become a tester

Pre-register here to play Funfair Tycoon as a tester before Open Beta!

Please note: By registering, you are not automatically qualified. It may be that we randomly choose you from the pool of applicants and send you a registration key via e-mail.

Multiple participations prohibited! If you enter with different e-mail addresses, you will be excluded from the test phase. Please keep it fair.