Funfair Tycoon is for us more than just another title in the big market of browser games. Originally started as a hobby project, there has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears since then. We simply want to offer our players the best showman economy simulation. For this, we have set ourselves the goal of continually developing the game. In our open community, everyone can make suggestions and actively participate in improvements.

Our browsergame is completely free to play. We are financed by the sale of a virtual currency against which you as a player in Funfair Tycoon can unlock additional features and amenities. This is completely optional and never necessary to be able to continue or be successful in the game. With us, the game mechanics always have a higher priority than the monetarization. We are convinced that only by that one can be successful in the long term.

Funfair Tycoon is the first Funfair Browsergame - and therefore has a unique gameplay and features that have not existed in any game before. We see ourselves both as an ambitious online game and as a platform for all kinds of fairground enthusiasts. In addition to showmen and their fans, we also try to attract other groups who are not yet into the topic. Fairgrounds are simply joy - and with this very aspect, we want to appeal to as many people as possible. Perhaps we can one day contribute to an increasing appreciation towards the hard work of the showmen families. Funfairs are a valuable cultural asset for us that deserves to be in the limelight.


Funfair Tycoon is the successor to the economic simulation "Kirmes Tycoon".

We have been around since 2010 - at this time version 1 of Kirmes Tycoon went online.


Kirmes Tycoon version 1 starts after about a year development in the alpha. There is no login restriction, everyone can play immediately. The hobby project has previously been announced in various fairground forums.


The game was originally intended for no more than 50 people. After the first 24 hours running, more than 300 players have already registered, and there are more and more.

Numerous errors are reported, the game receives an update several times a day to keep the operation upright. At the same time new features are developed.


After a 3-month runtime, a crash occurs due to programming errors in connection with a hardware problem. After the total failure, the game can no longer be restored. Kirmes Tycoon is completely discontinued.


After the overwhelming feedback from the community, we decided to continue the game.

A reboot is announced and the work on version 2 starts. The game should become more powerful, as well as many improvements of the game mechanics will be implemented.

Version 2 is completely reprogrammed.


Almost one year of development was needed to release Kirmes Tycoon again to the public.

The new version has significantly more features, large parts of the operation could be automated and one is prepared for a growing number of players.

The first months are marked by many updates, which improve the game further. In addition, there are always new attractions that increase the diversity in the market.


Due to technical changes and the increase in experience, it quickly becomes clear that version 2 is not as flexible as originally thought.

After the two-year existence of Kirmes Tycoon, it is announced that a new version of the game will be developed. The first plans are being made.

Adding new features to the existing game is becoming increasingly difficult with the time, the code base is technologically outdated again, so it is decided to re-write the game for version 3 of Kirmes Tycoon.

The game operation of V2 continues however undisturbed, there are still updates and innovations in the game.


The first Kirmes Tycoon Dev blog will be released on YouTube. It serves to inform the players step by step about the far-reaching changes and to participate in the development. Some more episodes are to follow at irregular intervals.


A V3 teaser page is published which collects frequently asked questions, news and information about the new version. The Kirmes Tycoon team relies on transparency - and at the same time on the patience of the players. After several years of gameplay, version 2 has lost its appeal to many players. All the goals seem to be achieved, the pressure to finish version 3 soon, grows.


It is announced to publish a testable alpha version of V3 for selected people during the second half of 2017.

At this point, it is still unclear whether this time frame can be met.

Even if the project takes on ever larger dimensions, the work on it can only proceed in the spare time away from the professional life of the team members.

Many players understand the situation, but at the same time the team is under increasing pressure to publish the new version in a timely manner.


Just in time for the 6th birthday of version 2, the new name of the previous working title V3 is announced: Funfair Tycoon.

The renaming was necessary due to the planned internationalization and translation of the game.

At the same time the new website was released: gives players a first impression of the new game.

A pre-registration makes it possible to register for the closed test phase. Those who are lucky and are selected will receive a registration key for Alpha and Closed Beta and can test the new game as one of the first.


The Funfair Tycoon Alpha has launched!

100+ testers are allowed to play in the closed test phase. The feedback is almost entirely positive, so that the number of pre-registrations for the test phases increases to over 500 within a few days.

Despite a few technical difficulties, the players already have fun at the beginning, diligently report bugs and post their feedback and improvement suggestions in the forum and on Discord.

The first two weeks are mainly characterized by frequent patches with bug fixes, later the first suggestions from the community are already implemented and new features are being developed.

The duration of the alpha version is not fixed, the start of the closed beta depends on the development progress.


With the start of the closed beta, the game reaches another major milestone: More than 500 testers can try this version.

Funfair Tycoon is under a stress test and easily masters it. In the following months, numerous improvements can be implemented and new features are developed. The game continues to grow.


Funfair Tycoon for everyone - this is what Open Beta stands for! The game makes its step into the public, everybody can play.

From this point onwards, no more accounts will be reset, the transition from Open Beta to later normal operation will be smooth.

The history of Funfair Tycoon continues - and together with our community we are very excited about the future! Are you in?

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